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2014-08-07 23:25:36 by WristClock

Sometimes I wonder what I would have created had I started animating years ago, then I realize it doesn't matter at all. I spend more time being a critic- and not even a terribly well put together one- than I spend being what I love to buff up on. Animation seems to fall into that category for me. I would love to animate some of my daydreams, I just never do it.

Cheers for the motivation to start something new.


Feel older.

2012-02-09 04:48:46 by WristClock

God googa mooga I've done some growing up since I've been 'round these parts, but the redesign is lookin' fresh and so am I. ;) Perhaps I will revitalize my failed attempts at producing a tangible flash. I've got plenty of ideas, I just need a mic that doesn't cost a literal $2. I'll probably skate by with using my ideas and someone else's talent for now.

>Picture unrelated, but it is a very talented musician by the name of Misha Mansoor, founder of Periphery. Check out their stuff! Or I will find you.

Feel older.


2009-12-29 02:01:44 by WristClock

Hello thar.

Gah, damn you flash!

2009-11-19 00:33:25 by WristClock

Not sure how to get Flash via sketchy measures, so I'm a bit of a rut considering I don't have $400 dollars to spend on it either.
I'll keep working on getting it some how.

In the mean time, I shall try to create art and submit that instead!

Imma got my pirate hat on!

2009-10-08 15:18:21 by WristClock

I'm going to try and get Flash so I can make some thing silly with stick figures.


2008-01-15 17:21:44 by WristClock

I got a program to make flash. Good
I don't know how to use it. Bad
I can learn. Good
I have too many other things to hunt down guides for my obscure flash maker. BAD
I can improvise. Good
I like tacos. Good

As you can see the good here outweighs the bad by 3-2.
You might see some crappy flash soon!
(Or if I have the willpower,A good one)



2007-08-07 11:11:19 by WristClock

I need a program to make flash ,But I don't want to have BUY anything. A problem.